"The quality of his playing is exceptional ... In sheer color and variety, in the depth of its characterization and the exceptional range and refinement of his guitar playing, Mr. Wright imparts a powerful stature to everything that he plays ... All in all this is music that is ravishingly subtle with emotions evoked as few can even hope to try." read full review

Raul da Gama

"Wright is thoughtful in his writing and on the guitar he can articulate seamless, fiery ideas. He can also express great tenderness. Wright may not be a household name, but he should be." read full review

Geannine Reid
All About Jazz

"Anson is truly a master guitarist and composer."

Dick Metcalf
Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"To say that Anson Wright is diversely multi-talented is like saying that the sun is hot. This true renaissance man...draws numerous comparisons to Jim Hall."

Something Else Reviews

"Wright is an obvious disciple of the Jim Hall school of playing and that means single note runs and glittering arpeggios that dart and canter languidly across many registers. Solos that may begin inside out and constantly rap at the hull of the melody as new harmonies are invented. Nevertheless, no matter what the song calls for, Wright always tunes his ears to tone and color."

Raul d'Gama Rose
All About Jazz

"Saturated as we are in the jazz sphere with string architects, approaches to compositions vary with more intensity than others. Such is the case of the furiously adept temperament of Anson Wright..."

Karl Stober
Ejazz News

"Guitarist Wright and bassist Gilson work together splendidly, spinning out long winding lines that simultaneously seem to float while being rhythmically steady...the duo's empathy and tonal beauty won me over at the start."

Michael Steinmann
Cadence Magazine

"Wright has a Jim Hall-like approach to his writing and his single-note lines. Both Wright and Gilson are very good and well matched players...enjoyed by a more sophisticated audience."

Vince Lewis
Just Jazz Guitar

"More so than any other type of ensemble a duet is about chemistry, communication and nuances, Anson Wright and Tim Gilson create a fabric of beauty, vivid colorations and intimate, intuitive offerings through each composition on Ukiah’s Lullaby...Wright’s ability to balance technical prowess with beauty is truly the pearl within this timeless recording."

Jeff Becker
Jazz Sensibilities

"Anson Wright is a multi-faceted artist whose talents range from jazz guitarist and composer to novelist and poet...When Anson improvises and composes, the interplay of his musical and literary muses is evident as he develops ideas, creates compelling characters and stories, and crafts beautiful language."

John Stowell

"Wright is a guitarist as well as a poet. In that role, he devotes Ukiah's Lullaby to duets with bassist Gilson. Six of the tunes are his, four Gilsons. Wright's "Orion" has the flavor of the kind of modal structures Miles Davis pioneered with "Milestones" and "So What". They enhance harmonic interest through Gilson's tuning of the bass in fifths a la the late Red Mitchell and the sparseness of Wright's strategic chords and melody lines. Gilson's "Sometimes There Are No Words" is a lovely ballad beautifully bowed by the bassist."

Doug Ramsey

"Guitar-centric jazz that is brilliantly refined and crafted; love the gorgeous tone and lovely melodies."

Smother Magazine

"“Wright is a clean player of the Jim Hall school - a fragile melodicist with a chiming tone and flawless chord clusters....this is elegant music.”

Bill Smith
Willamette Week

"Extra tasty guitarist that knows and loves the Jim Hall/Wes Montgomery tradition is one of those cats that can work wonders with just his ax."

Chris Spector
Midwest Record

“Wright’s voice speaks with a thoughtful intelligence, forceful yet relaxed, sure and confident but probing, too, as one expects from a jazz improviser....The Princeton grad’s deconstructions of the three originals and seven jazz standards are careful and coherent....Wright demonstrates this finely honed musical intelligence in the way each solo is put together and in the shape of the tune itself.”

Lynn Darroch
The Oregonian

"...Wright brings us a warm and classic guitar sound on standards like Stella by Starlight, Stolen Moments, Easy Living and Alone Together. Three originals give added luster to an impressive debut album...Remember the name!"

George Fendel
Oregon's Jazz Magazine

"This album is chock full of musicality and if you do prefer your jazz in a very intimate setting then I think you may enjoy Ukiah's Lullaby - the musicality is of a high order."

John M. Peters
The Borderlands

"An example of traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary scene often dominated by simple gimmicks... unbridled passion and elegant restraint throughout."

J. Edward Sumerau
Metro Spirit

"...an excellent guitarist who deserves to be widely heard."

Bill Wilson
Portland, OR