Endangered Sacred Sites
and what you can do.

“There are places on the earth where the veil is thinner, and our true nature can be more easily known.  Long celebrated in ceremony and song, these centering places provide us the opportunity to connect with a wisdom that is far removed from the frenzy and chaos of our daily lives. Preserving these fragile sites and the world they offer us is one of the most important gifts we can give to future generations.”
~Anson Wright~


Anson Wright has been the Coordinator of the Chaco Alliance since 2006. The Chaco Alliance is a grass roots citizens’ group dedicated to preserving and protecting Chaco Culture National Historical Park, a sacred site to many Native Americans and others that is located in a remote area of New Mexico. San Juan County wants to pave the gravel road into Chaco, overwhelming the canyon with increased visitation, and putting the park at risk of becoming a tour bus turnaround that generates income to local businesses while increasing the risk of energy exploration in the area. Anson has written numerous articles that are available on the Chaco Alliance web site, and he continues to lead an organization that is at the forefront of the fight to preserve this pristine World Heritage Site. Please visit the web site to learn more and continue to make your voices heard.